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The bottom of the fuselage bore sponsons or “stub wings” that improved flight performance by decreasing aerodynamic drag underneath the fuselage. Originally Venezuela attempted to procure Embraer Super Tucano aircraft to replace the OV, but no deal was achieved which President Chavez claimed was due to the result of pressure from the U. The aircraft also continued to fly night interdiction missions against the Ho Chi Minh trail. The aircraft’s design supported effective operations from forward bases. BC Dual-control trainer, first flight: 30 December ; 38 built. Easy-to-read symbols display key information such as trailer type, status, disposition, ownership, as well as which trailers are damaged or out of service, and fuel remaining in refrigerated vehicles. We provide real-time information and intelligent work direction while giving you complete visibility of trucks, trailers, drivers, goods, and materials — from the moment they arrive at the gate to the moment they leave your facility. Efficient turboprop engines would give better performance than piston engines. The OVB was an OVA with no weapons, no sponsons , and a glass dome replacing the rear door, which was used by the tow operator. The clear plexiglass nose cone was replaced by an opaque fiberglass cone, but with a small optical glass window cut for the viewfinder.

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Maximum takeoff weight was 14, pounds 6, kg. Keep it local and relevant. This is an ex- Luftwaffe B-model originally used as an aerial gunnery target tug. Convair protested the decision and built a small-wing prototype of the Model 48 Charger anyway, which first flew on 29 November

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An arrest warrant for Rojas was approved Feb. These same two aircraft have also been deployed alternately to Afghanistan for use as communications platforms that fly high over an area linking various communications devices on the battlefield and to other airborne assets, they were known as the Battlefield Airborne Communications Node system BACN. Our Yard Management System lets you schedule dock appointments, track the movement of trucks and trailers, communicate directly with yard personnel, and collect performance metrics of core yard functions, so you can seize opportunities to make improvements. Keep it local and relevant.

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With a graphical interface, you can easily manage transactions using drag-and-drop functionality. This squadron flew anti-terrorist operations in the Jolo island. The deal represents the first acquisition for Lazer Spot, a company started in with a single yard tractor at a facility in Macon, Ga. Later models mounted four 20mm cannons, two per wing, for strafing.

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The aircraft were operated in their basic military configurations, but with their ejection seats disabled. Thus, besides serving as a tanker lead-in aircraft, the OVA is also the aerial platform from which the entire air operation is coordinated. Tom Mesko will retire from the business after a transition period, and David Bond, president of Mesko, will join Lazer Spot as executive vice president, according to the statement released by Lazer Spot. North American Rockwell custom ejection seats were standard, [8] with many successful ejections during service. The aircraft’s design supported effective operations from forward bases. The RBEs carried the call-sign “Moonglow”. Army was still experimenting with armed helicopters, and the U.

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The check Mesko Spotting Service to look as if it came from Mesko Spotting. Mesko Spotting specializes in truck trailer spotting—making sure the right trailer is at the right place at the right time, according to a Patch posting about the company. It also provides warehouse operational services. The criminal complaint against Rojas, filed by Colonial Regional Det. Gary Hammer, says: —Mesko’s bank told him someone had counterfeited numerous checks using account numbers from his company’s payroll account.

Mesko told Hammer that Rojas was not a company employee and had no reason to cash a company check. An arrest warrant for Rojas was approved Feb. There is no explanation for the time gap between when the complaint was filed and Tuesday’s arraignment. In addition to criminal conspiracy to commit forgery, Rojas was charged with forgery, Sedvice by deception, receiving Spotging property and criminal conspiracy to commit theft by deception.

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North American Rockwell custom ejection seats were standard, [8] with many successful ejections during service. The OV operated as a forward air controller and was finally phased out of the Marine Corps in following its employment during Operation Desert Storm , which also saw the final combat losses of OVs by U. The definitive BB, which introduced numerous improvements, made its first flight on 18 June B Canberras were primarily used for dive bombing and strafing, with the early models mounting eight.

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Maximum takeoff weight was 14, pounds 6, kg. The Detachment flew nighttime reconnaissance missions to identify Viet Cong VC base camps, small arms factories, and storage and training areas. Later models mounted four 20mm cannons, two per wing, for strafing. Subsequent bomber variants were also modified to fulfill this role.

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The North American Rockwell OV Bronco is an American twin-turboprop light attack and observation aircraft. It was developed in the s as a special aircraft for counter-insurgency (COIN) combat, and one of its primary missions was as a forward air control (FAC) aircraft. It can carry up to 3, lb of external munitions, internal loads such as paratroopers or stretchers, and loiter for.